Tip: Not sure whether something is against rules? If you had to think about it twice, then don't do it. Ask a staff member first.
Please go to #discord-rules in our discord for the discord rules.

Disclaimer: Anything with a "-" under offenses meaning it is under the choice of the staff member that is punishing. For example 1h-24h meaning the staff member can punish that player from his choice anywhere between 1hour to 24hours.

Self-Admission: If a player admits to using a hacked client or breaking ANY rule via any means of communication, then it will be taken seriously and the player will be . This is the BEST evidence that can be given, this fits under the category of self-report.

All rules under this category are enforced on all RaptorMC in-game servers.

Description: Any Payment chargeback by the buyer warrants a permanent removal from the server. Period.
1) Blacklist

Description: Any sort of way of cheating is not allowed. This includes hacked clients, glitching and such of that nature that allows you to receive an unfair advantage.
1) 15 - 60 day temporary ban 2) Permanent Ban

Bug Exploits
Description: Anything of this nature is not allowed if you know a bug/exploit report it and you shall be rewarded. Abusing it is disallowed.
1) 7 day temporary ban. 2) 30 day temporary ban 3) Under discretion of upper staff

Punishment Evasion
Description: Do not evade your ban/mute through logging in to a different account to play, you must serve your punishment or appeal. If your appeal is denied then you must purchase an unban.
1) An identical punishment 2) An identical punishment of IP

Server Advertising
Description: Advertising other servers (through IPs) is a permanent ban, website advertisement and other things like youtube is not bannable under this rule.
1) Permanent Ban

Racism, Discrimination, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks
Description: Any remarks that is found under the category of the above words by staff is punishable if intended towards a player.
1) Verbal warning - 5 hour temporary mute. 2) 1-5 day temporary mute 3) 3-8 day temporary ban

Description: Any spamming in chat, including private messaging, spam of commands and/or flooding the chat is not allowed.
1) 1-24 hour temporary mute 2) 1-24 hour temporary ban

Malicious Threats
Description: Any death wishes, or threats intended to physically harm or damage another player including but not limited to DDoS threats as well.
1) 10 - 24 hour temporary mute 2) 1-3 day temporary ban

Selling in-game items / IGN's etc for PayPal or real-world currencies
Description: Players are not permitted to sell in game items including their minecraft account on the server for paypal / cash or make deals regarding other game modes.
1) Verbal/Paper Warning 2) 10-30 day temporary ban 3) 45 day temporary ban

IRL (In-real-life) Money Scamming
Description: Promising to purchase a rank or store package for a player in return for in-game goods and scamming the player will warrant a ban. Players taking part in such a transaction should record the whole process.
1) 30 day temporary ban 2) Permanent ban

Compromised Account
Description: You will be banned if an upper staff member deems your account is compromised which includes meeting private criteria including but not limited to being a bot account. You must show evidence that you have changed your password in your appeal in order to be unbanned.
1) Permanent Ban

Description: Claiming that you are a staff member or youtuber when you are not, this can be anything from lying about your position or abusing donor perms.
1) Verbal or /warn 2) Under discretion of staff members.

Server Defamation
Description: Any criticism towards the server as a whole that is not intended to be constructive is also punishable.
1) /warn - 1 hour temporary mute. 2) 10 - 24 hour temporary mute. 3) 7 day temporary ban.

Undermining the Spirit of the Game
Description: If you participate in actions that are deemed to undermine the spirit of the game (this includes crash the server, cause significant lag, or undermines the balance intended by the server), undermining events, contests, anything that is implied or understood as unintended game/play exploits, or just overall the spirit of the game or how the game was intended) you can be removed permanently from the server.
1) Under the discretion of upper staff members.

All rules under this category are enforced on the Factions server ONLY.
Faction warnings add up over the span of the ENTIRE SEASON.
3 warnings will result in a 25% reduction in faction points.
5 warnings will result in a faction disband, and your base’s coordinates announced.

Corner Control
Description: A faction may only claim 1 corner PERIOD per season. This includes all worlds (Nether, end, etc). A claim is considered “Controlled” by the faction that claims the exact corner. Having another faction claim the corner and you claiming the majority to get a 2nd corner is not allowed. You may overclaim a corner to raid that base when the raid is finished the corner must be unclaimed.
1) Forced unclaim of corner 2) Faction warn and unclaim of all corners

Bitch Claiming
Description: Having claims within someone claims or within an expected buffer within the grace period is not allowed. This rule is NOT in effect after the grace period has ended. Making raid claims outside of the expected 20 chunk buffer is allowed, but may be moved if it interferes with base building.
1) Request to unclaim land 2) Faction warn and force unclaim of land 3) Under discretion of upper staff

No Alt/Sister Faction
Description: You are not allowed to have a sister faction composed of mostly alts. If a faction is found to be mostly alts and is promoting another faction’s power/territory then both factions will be disbanded.
1) Faction warn and disband of sister faction 2) Permanent ban of faction leader

Description: Insiding: When a player joins a faction and then at any time decides to betray the faction by mining up spawners that are not his and stealing stuff then leaving the faction, that player has insided. Whatever the player has placed down (spawners, items, valuable blocks) and then re-mines and leaves, this may not be insiding unless that player has went to a higher extent. This is 100% up to the decision of the investigation team in unique cases, the investigation team has final say REGARDLESS.
NOTICE: Insiding cannot take up a lot of the staff's time, therefore INSIDING IS NOT ENFORCED except that the issue may be resolved in a matter of 30 minutes or lower, video evidence and the use of CoreProtect should indicate who insided, if not.. the case will be dropped. We are depending on the leader's brain cells to use /f perms!
1) 7-15 day temporary ban 2) 30-45 day temporary ban 3) Permanent ban

Buffer Limit (20 Chunks)
Description: Having a max buffer claim of 20 Faction chunks (Not including Base /f map)
1) /warn - 72 hours to clear abused claims 2) Faction warn and unclaim of land 3) Faction disband

Base Claiming
Description: All claims must be 10 chunks away from any current base claims. Exceptions to this rule: A 3x3 chunk anti raid claim may be made to defend against a raid, this claim must be unclaimed when you are done defending the raid, or within 12 hours of the raid being finished.
1) /warn and 24hrs to remove all illegal claims 2) Forced unclaim of land and 1 faction warning point.

Spawner Protection
Description: Protecting Spawners with any block or entity (including Water/lava) is NOT allowed. Using TNT to automatically destroy spawners upon being raided is not allowed.
1) Under discretion of upper staff members. 2) Repeated offenses could result in a permanent removal from the server.

Patching Midraid
Description: Using Gen buckets or Printer to patch walls mid raid is not allowed. You may patch walls by manually placing blocks, and no other means.
1) Faction warn and removal of patches (requires video evidence by the raiding faction)

Automatic/Multishot Cannon (Includes Sand Comp) Above Y=10
Description: Any auto cannons (classified by sand comp, or running on a clock) with the barrel above Y=10 is not allowed. If a cannon can shoot through more than 1 wall per button press it is an illegal cannon.
1) Faction warn, removal of cannon and reclamation of raided items

Phase Cannons
Description: Phase cannons are not allowed on the server.
1) Faction warn, removal of cannon and reclamation of raided items

Roof Cannoning
Description: Roof cannoning above Y=250 is not allowed.
1) Faction warn, removal of cannon and reclamation of raided items

Teleport Trapping
Description: Any sort of teleport trapping is not allowed.
Offenses: 1) /warn & /revive for killed player. 2) 10-day temporary ban

Faction Merges
Description: Any merges for the purpose of boosting ftop or anything in that regard REQUIRE A LEADER+ APPROVAL.
1) Discretion of Upper Staff Members

Lag Machines / Auto-Farms
Description: Any form of Lag Machine, Automatic Farm, etc. is strictly prohibited. NOTE: Automatic farms are allowed, as long as they do NOT run on a redstone clock.
1) /warn and force removal of machine 2) 7-15 day temporary ban

Left Shooting
Description: Left shooting is not allowed.
1) Faction warn, removal of cannon and reclamation of raided items

Unraidable Bases
Description: Any attempt to make bases unraidable including bugs, cactus walls, etc, is not allowed.
1) Faction warn and removal of defenses 2) Under discretion of staff members

Illegal Faction Point Boosting
Description: Any attempt to farm faction points via alt factions, or farming allies etc is 100% NOT ALLOWED. Any attempt proven will result in your faction points being reset to the last known proper value.
1) Faction warn, faction points returned to last known value (must be proven, if cannot be proven, reset to 0) 2) Faction disband, 7-15 day temporary ban to proven participants

Trap/Derp Claims
Description: Trap/derp claims max size is 5x5 claims. And only 1 claim per world. Offenses:
1) Forced removal of claims 2) Faction warn, forced removal of claims 3) Under discretion of upper staff members

Raid Claims (6x6 Max.)
Description: Raid claims may be a max of 6x6 claims.
1) Forced removal of claims 2) Faction warn, forced removal of claims

All rules under this category are enforced on the Survival server ONLY.

Excessive Swearing
Description: Survival is more of a less toxic gamemode, though we permit swearing please make sure you do not continuesly swear excessively at once.
1) /warn 2) 10-45 minute temporary mute 3) 1-24 hour temporary mute 4) 1-3 day temporary mute