Factions 2.0

Abdullah posted May 5, 18

Hello there Raptors!
As a lot of you have waited, the rumor is true... Factions 2.0; a season like none other. Reminding you of the good ol' days, welcome to Raptor's season 2 of factions.

This season we did next changes:

- Removal of mcMMo-PvP, instead we have introduced a new variety of mechanics (more info via discord).

- New Map (custom terrain + warzone) with KOTHs contained into the actual overworld map.

- Fixed cannon mechanics and reverted back enchanting to 1.7.

- Envoys have been buffed.

- A normal nether (adding in 4 new corners to the season), and a flat end. In total, 12 different factions may gain a corner.

- Although we kept the economy the same for the most part, with the enabling of printer, cactus and other farming techniques have been nerfed.

- Introduction of Factions Pyxis, which will be out in the next couple of days. 

This season of Factions will have a 3-day grace period lasting from May 5th - May 8th 4 PM EST. We aim to have this season ended by the end of summer.

I must not forget to mention that printer is now enabled and allowed, the rules have had some small changes concerning factions.

F Top Rewards:

End of the Season
<1> $200+ USD PayPal + (o) $400+ Global Buycraft
<2> $250 Buycraft
<3> $100 Buycraft

<1> $15 USD PayPal + Keys/Buycraft
<2> $10 Buycraft + $5 USD PayPal + Keys
<3> $10 Buycraft + Keys

This is all for now, hopefully we'll make this season of Factions better ^-^

May the 4th be with you said the wise man, he never said that... whoever he is.

May is an exciting month here for us at RaptorMC, it is the month leading to summer (or initially starting summer). We aim to create major updates and bug fixes in the coming May and make sure things are perfectly suited for the summer! Get your lemonades ready and computers charged (wat?)... RaptorMC is hitting you hard this summer! (that's weird)

~ Abood


Factions 2.0 will be coming to you at May 12th (NOT CONFIRMED), this date may change at any time but we aim to have it released by then. If May 12th would be the confirmed date of Factions 2.0, that would make the end of the world be May 8th - 10th where chaos is thrusted onto factions to lead it to its new age. Where did May 11th go? Well, I'm glad you asked! That'll be the date where the management will get off their lazy butts and prepare factions for the day following May 11th.

Skyblock has received tremendous updates, with the introduction of new donator kits, the addition of ChestShops, and much more. Bug fixes such as island top's wrong calculations and slowness, generator issues and overall performance fixes have been made and will continue to be made.

Pyxis will officially be replacing the name "#Fuck Crate", this deems the crate more professional and all-around mysterious, these OP crates will be released on the store on a monthly basis. The April Pyxis for skyblock is currently out, with the May Pyxis being made for skyblock shortly as we enter the month of May. The May Pyxis for factions will not be out until AFTER the release of Factions 2.0, it will be very interesting to see who gets their hands on this OP crate and what it shall bring to both realms!

Thank you for reading the end of April announcement, an official May announcement will be posted in the middle of May (shortly after factions 2.0). Join our discord for more information and STAY TUNED for more!