Good evening,

Over the past few weeks RaptorMC's playercount severely decreased with constant bugs arriving and less and less attention being focused on fixing them. It is no lie that we seem to have an issue fixing things mid game. I personally have been trying to work on my time mangement, as I passionately care about this community, and I want to see it prosper.

A couple of days ago, RaptorMC basically went 'under maintenance'. During this time, I had worked closely with my investors & the staff team to discover what I wanted to do with it, and todays the day we discover that.

The server right now is too unplayable, and there are just far too many issues to continue this map. Before I head into anything else, the top 3 factions will in fact only be receiving Store Credit (still equivalent to cash) due to the fact that we did not get to finish this map. 

Our goal for the server is to first begin patching everything. From lag to random issues with pistons(?). Then we will begin redoing literally everything. At this point in time, the setup for RaptorMC was very basic and copied from our old server back in 2015. We no longer want that, and want to try add new features into a more community-accepted setup that the players love. This includes adding things like mob bosses, events, quests etc.

The eta for all this? Well basically, I personally do not want to rush any of this. It has been proven in the past maps that rushing things really does not end well. I expect one month at most for all this to take place, with more details following in the up coming weeks.

All I ask of players now is to report any known bugs, and to add suggestions to the forums. We understand how frustrating this may be to some players. But it will truly help in the long run with RaptorMC. 

Thank you all for particpating last map, I cannot appreciate your support enough. 

See you all on the flip side!

// Lerqz

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