Season 2 // F Top Winners!

Lerqz posted Fri at 8:28

Wow, what a journey.

RaptorMC has officially ended its first season, and is now ready to enter its second! Before any details come in for that, I would personally like to thank EVERYONE who has supported us for the past 3 months throughout many annoying hiccups such as the data loss causing a small reset. I would also like to personally thank our beloved Admin, Swattin for putting up with my inactivity and having to fix most, if not all bugs for awhile (all the other admins are just as cool!)

Anyways, enough of all that, lets get into all the great details for season 2!

Factions Top (Season 1)

Although it was not confirmed until around the end of the season, RaptorMC will in fact be giving out Faction Prizes at the end of each season. As this is our first prize giveaway, we thought we would handout the rewards as so;

• 1. - OFWGKTA ($730,590,631.52) $250 Buycraft Voucher

• 2. - NASA ($713,451,849.18) $150 Buycraft Voucher

• 3. - OTN ($449,202,500) $50 Buycraft Voucher

We believe these rewards suffice the long hard work these 3 factions have put in over the season. I do understand that many game breaking features came abroad towards the end of the map, potentially ruining a few F Top winnings. This is an unfortunate accident that will be avoided in 2.0! 

Season 2's rewards;

1. $500 Paypal

2. $250 Paypal

3. $100 Paypal

Season 1's rewards will be handed out on the day of 2.0. 

Server Information

Version: 2.0!

MC Versions: 1.8-1.12

Date of Reset:




Overworld: 10,000x10,000

Nether: 1500x1500

End: 1500x1500 (flat world)

Bug Fixes & Changes:

•  StaffPlus now returned

•  Cannons patched

•  SilkSpawners actively working

•  Crates revamped and improved

•  Token shop revamped and improved

•  DShop returned

•  Shop revamped (including pricing)

•  SellWand now installed

•  Moved store from enjin > buycraft

•  New kits for every player

•  Support system actively working

•  Rules redone (insiding now bannable)

•  Koth's revamped

•  AntiCheat improved

•  Custom terrain for overworld

•  Swapped from Essentials shitty ban system > Ban Manager

•  Now running on MySQL databases to improve gameplay

•  New Spawn & Warzone

•  Many more game fixing bugs!

Ban List:

We believe that here @ RaptorMC everyone deserves a second chance. Because of this, we will in fact be resetting our ban list. Keep in mind anyone who's chargedback or is blacklisted will remain banned.

There will in fact be a reset sale set at 75% OFF all items! Buycraft is currently down but a link will be put in place for when its up. 

Thank you all for an amazing season! We understand it might not of always been fun and games, but we do truly believe we have had our good times here. Lets work on making season 2 an even better map! If you have any suggestions, inquiries or concerns do not hesitate to make a thread.

- Lerqz // RaptorMC