Hey guys,


RaptorMC is officially 1 week into season 2! The servers performance has been perfect, with an increasing player count every day.


Over the very quick week the team and I have been working hard on fixing bugs, and adding additional server enhancements.



  • Spawners are now placeable (had an error in which they kept disappearing)
  • Youtube rank is now officially released! (More below)
  • VoteParties once again work
  • Pork is now sellable in game (/sell hand)
  • Waterbuckets officially stack to 16
  • Setting home in ally territory no longer works
  • DShop is officially released!
  • SellWand timer was decreased from 30 seconds > 0
  • Anvils at spawn are now invincible
  • SellWands now appear in crates, tokens & the store (store.raptormc.net)
  • Flint is now in the drop section of shop
  • Hopper tick has been increased from 1 > 3
  • You may now build in combat


TNT has officially been enabled! To those unaware we had a grace period for 7 days which allowed users to build up their base defence.


Goodluck to everyone! You may now also view F Top rewards in game at spawn aswell as the top factions (/f top,topgui)

The team and I have officially put together a Youtube rank to help those out there grow! The applications for this rank will be open from the weekend onwards. As a youtuber you’re entitled to;


  • /kit keys
  • /feed
  • /heal


To trial this we have given the player RavyxPlays a shot at this rank. You can view his channel here!


There is currently an 80% OFF Reset sale! Do not miss out on this really big opportunity. To take advantage of this visit the store by clicking this link.


As always, thank you all for the continuous support! Keep in mind double vote rewards will only go on for one more weekend, so try and vote as much as possible. To report any bugs, issues or if you simply have an inquiry please shoot Lerqz a PM on our Discord server. To join that, visit https://discord.gg/jXdy9Cg! Thanks in advanced.


// Lerqz